This video is a compilation of different database recovery techniques that SQL Server DBAs should be familiar and comfortable with. We will look at recovering a database to a specific point in time, isolating critical objects or using table partitioning as an HA/DR option (more commonly called online piecemeal restore) and performing page-level restores.

I started doing some serious database disaster recovery stuff in 2006 while working for Fujitsu Asia. As the only hard core SQL Server guy in a team of Wintel engineers, the buck stops with me when it comes to anything related to SQL Server. And since our main offerings all revolve around high availability and disaster recovery, I have to be very familiar and well versed with all possible recovery techniques that are available to the version of SQL Server that we are running. On top of that, I need to make sure that all our backup strategies meet a specific application platform’s recovery objectives and service level agreements.

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